Coordinating & Promoting Social Cohesion 

  Speech by Hon. Stuart Rober MP

(Minister for Employment & Small Business)

2022 Iftar Buffet Dinner

  On Sunday 24th April 2022, over 200 non-Muslim friends & Muslims attended first ever IFTAR BUFFET DINNER in

Gold Coast organised  by the volunteers of  Multicultural Social Network. Every one loved the impressive range and sumptious international buffet dinner with over 15 dishes and over 10 different sweets with delicious Indian Chai. 

This beautiful event was supported by the dedicated volunteers of Multicultural Social Network. Wish to express our sincere 
gratitude & thanks to :

•Farzana’s group who cooked "Chicken Biriyani, Fish Curry, Beef & Potato Curry, Chinese Stir Fry Beef, Dhaal Curry, Pumpkin Curry, Aloo Mataar, different desserts etc"...
•Thia Taylor group KICA who helped in setting-up the tables/chairs, serving Buffet Station & cleaning up.
•Brother Aziz & Chef Kam for cooking “Chicken Rendang & Mei Goreng”
•Sister Evelyn for cooking “Chicken Potato Curry”
•Chef Amin for cooking “Butter Chicken”
•Brother Fawad for cooking "Afghani Rice"
•Hunky Dory Fish & Chips (Palm Beach) for supplying “Fish & chips” for kids.
•GC masjid for supplying the plates, water, cutleries etc….
•Ree Ali did an excellent MC job as usual.
•Afshin Ehsani & Lorence/Abu Rashid gave big support in the hall.
•Amin Serin called beautiful Azan and lead the Magrib salaat.

*Kareem, Jameel & Zain for transporting stuffs, filming, projector, assisting the CEO....
May Almighty Allah shower his choicest blessings on those got involved in this worthy project to promote dawah thru Iftar dinner 
to our non-Muslim friends. 

Over 200 Non-Muslims friends & Muslims attended the first ever IFATR BUFFET Dinner in Gold Coast

​organised  by the volunteers of  Multicultural Social Netw

  "Azan" (Calling for Praying)

by Amin Serin

  "Welcome to Country"

by Glenn Barry

  Welcome speech by Hussain Baba JP

 (CEO of Multicultural Social Network)