10/4/23: Seharum Nusantara donated "Indonesian Meals" to the Homeless 

17/6/2021: Siser Farzana donated "Fried Rice" for 150 Homeless members in Labrador

7/9/2021: Sister Lelaa donated`2 "Indonesian Meals" for 150 Heomess members in Labrador

25/12/2021: MSN team cooked "Potato Chciken Curry" for 800 Homeless & Need members

5/10/22: Sister Fatima & Evelyn donated "Sausage Fried Rice" to the Homeless 

7/7/2021: Kayz donated "Sausages & Bread" for 150 Homeless members in Labrador

18/7/2022: Sister Lela donated "Indonesian Beef Randang" for the Homeless 

4/4/2022: Hussain Baba donated "Butter Chicken" for the Homeless  

22/7/2021: Muslim family donated "$1000 ALDI Cards" for Homeless & Needy members


1/5/23: Adil of Sultan Restaurant donated "Pizza to the Homeless 

27/6/2022: Hussain Baba donated "Chicken with Potato & Carrot Curry" for the Homeless 

30/11/2021: Sister Evelyn donated "Indonesian  Meals" for the Homeless 

6/11/22: Hussain Baba donated "Prawn Fried Rice with Veggie" for the Homeless 

12/10/2021: Brother Nawaz donated "Sri Lankan Meals" for the Homeless

12/8/2023: Hon. Karen Andrews cooked "Chicken with Potatoes/Carrots" for Homeless 

13/7/2021: Sister Rini donated "Indonesian Meals' for 150 Homeless members in Labrador

2/10/2021: Sisters Rini, Irma & Safarinah donated 'Indonesian Meals' for Homeless members

25/7/2022: Hussain donated "Chinese style Stir Fry Chicken Spaghetti" for the Homeless 

19/7/2021: Muslim family donated "3000LT Milk & 12,500 Water bottle" for Homeless members

24/4/23: Leylah donated "Sri Lankan Meals" to the Homeless 

16/10/2021: Sister Lela donated "Indonesian  Meals" for  the Homeless  

Multicultural Social Network also organised campaigns to provide 'Cultural Meals to the Homeless'  in Labrador. The delicious warm meals are prepared by members of the culturally diverse community and distributed by Show The Way to about 150 Homeless members on Mondays at 5pm in Labrador Communty Hub. 

About 700 meals are distributed throughout the week.
Please contact us if anyone  wish to participate in this project 

23/5/2022: Sister Lela donated "Indonesian Curry Chicken"" for the Homeless

1/8/2022: Distributed 100 delicious meals to the Volunteers at Gold Coast University Hospital

12/6/23: Seharum Nusantara donated "Indonesian Meals" to the Homeless 

22/6/2021: Chef Amin donated "Butter Chicken" for Homeless members

9/1/23: Mustafizur family donated "Chicken Potato Curry" for the Homeless 

31/7/23: Seharum Nusantara donated "Indonesian Meals" to the Homeless 

19/12/22: Sister Shubeda donated "Veggie with Rice" for the Homeless 

10/8/2022: Donation by Gold Coast Islamic Community for the Homeless 

9/10/2021: Brother Amin donated "Veggie Curry" for Homeless people in Labrador

11/3//2022: Sister Lela donates forthnightly  "Indonesian  Meals" for the Homeless  

11/8/2021: Hussain Baba cook "Beef & Veggies" meals for Homeless members in Labrador

15/5/23: Aziz family donated "Malaysian Meals" to the Homeless 

19/3/2022: Sisters Evelyn, Yetti & Darmi donated "Indonesian Meals" for the Homeless 

31/1/2022: Sudanese Community donated "African Butter Chicken" for the Homeless 

9/5/2022: Sister Lela donated "Indonesian Curry Chicken" for the Homeless 

27/2/2022: Malaysian Community donated "Malaysian Meals" for the Homeless 

19/2//2022: Sister Lela donates forthnightly  "Indonesian  Meals" for the Homeless 

8/5/23: Seharum Nusantara donated "Indonesian Meals" to the Homeless 

18/12/2021: Brother Dan De Zoysa donated "150 Mix  Meals" for the Homeless 

6/10/2021: Rob MolhoekMP donated $500 Aldi cards for the Homeless & Needy members

7/8/2023: Naveed Qureshi donated 50 Meals and 50 Queen size New Blankets to the Homeless 

20/6/2022: Anonymous Donor donated over 100 Boxes of Mud Cakes for the Homeless 

17/8/22: Sister Shubeda donated "Chicken Curry with Rice" for the Homeless 

 These are the delicious  "Cultural Meals" prepared by our MSN volunteers

23/1/23: Hussain baba donated "Chicken Potato Curry" for the Homeless 

15/9/2021: Sister Rubina & Farzana donated "Butter Chicken" for Homeless members

26/12/22: Paddy & Lashmi Krishnan received award from Amber for their $1000 donation to "Show The way" X'mas dinners (2021 & 2022)

24/7/23: Donated 100 Chocolate & Butter Cakes to the Homeless 

25/12/2022: MSN team cooked "Potato Chciken Curry" for 1000 Homeless & Needy members

2/7/2021: KICA donated "Indonesian Meals' for 150 Homeless members in Labrador

  ("COMMUNITY PROJECT" organised by Multicultural Social Network)

16/5/2022: Hussain donated "Stir-Fried KING PRAWNS in Coconut Sauce for the Homeless 

13/6/2021: Cooking "Boneless Chiken Curry"

for 150 Homeless members in Labrador

Volunteers from "Show The Way" on Mondays at Labrador Community Hub

11/4/2022: Hussain Baba donated "Minced Beef & Mixed Veggies" for Homeless  


10/2/2022: Human Appeal donated "Food Hampers" to the Homeless & Needy members

          Coordinating & Promoting Social Cohesion 

11/8/2021: Hussain Baba cook "Beef & Veggies" meals Homeless members in Labrador


Message to the volunteers in Brisbane regarding distribution of  "Cultural Meals for Homeless" in Brisbane