5/7/2020: Cooked "Stir Fry Chicken"  

for 150 Int'l Students

11/7/2020: Cooked "Chicken Biriyani" for 150

Int'l students (Guest: Sam O'Connor MP)

3/6//2020: Weekly distribution of Milk packs to

Int'l students & Need members

13/6/2020: Cooked 100 boxes of "Butter Chicken + rIce" for Int'l Students

23/4/2020: Featured on Gold Coast

Channel 7 News

25/5/2020: EID gifts for South American Students

in Gold Coast

26/7/2020: Cooked "Creamy Chicken Pasta"

for 100 Int'l Students

6/8/2020: Rob Molhoek donated Food & Hygiene Products for Int'l students

23/4/2020: EID gifts for Indonesia Students

in Gold Coast

30/5/2020: Weekly distribution of Hygiene & Sanitary products to Int/l students

28/6/2020: Cooked 200 boxes of "Beef Caldereta" 

for Int'l Students (Guest: Councillor Ryan)    

 9/6/2020: Weekly distribution of Hygiene & Sanitary products to Int/l students

14/4/2020: Weekly Distribution of Bakery poducts to Int'l Students

9/8/2020: Cooked "Beef Curry with Potato + Rice" for 150 Int'l students (Guest: Rob Molhoek MP)

9/7/2020: Weekly Packing Food Hampers for

Int'l students

Starting from March 2020, Multicultural Social Network (MSN) assisted more than 200 International students for about half year who were stranded in Gold Coast due to Covid-19. Due to lockdown, all the international students lost their jobs as they were engaged in hospitality industry. There weren't any Government financial support for these international students, so they have to depend on private organisations to help them with their meals, daily necessities and orther personal products.  Multicultural Social Network provided weekly food hampers consisting of bread, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, eggs, noodles, rice etc  and also supplied weekly warm meals. Moreover, Multicultural Social Network arranged distribution of personal hygiene products, toiletries, sanitary items etc

1/4/2020: Distributed 100 sausages with

Lebanese Bread to Int'l Students

14/5/2020: Weekly distribution of Food Hampers

in Surfers Paradise

5/4/2020: Cooked "Rice with Chicken Curry" for 200 need members.

18/4/2020: Weekly distribution of Food Hampers to Int'l students

3/7/2020: Weekly Packing Food Hampers for

Int'l students

22/5/2020: Weekly distributoin of bread

in Surfers Paradise

          Coordinating & Promoting Social Cohesion 

11/6/2020: Weekly distributions on Saturdays to the Int'l students in Southport