Coordinating & Promoting Social Cohesion 

Share the Dignity

​1st June 2020​​

Multicultural Social Network presented 'Appreciation Awards' to individuals and organisations in recognition of their support to the charitable campaigns organised & coordinated by

Multicultural Social Network and for their services to the Gold Coast Community

Suzie Longman (2000 Hearts)

25th December 2020​​

Department of Home Affairs

11th February 2021​​

Rini Mahwarini

20th September 2021​​

Wendy Coe (Show The Way)

2nd April 2023​​


11th May 2020​​

Multicultural Family Organisation

4th May 2020​​

Leylah (Angels of Serendipity)

 2nd April 2023​​

Queensland Police Service

26th May 2021​​

Volunteers of Gold Coast University Hospital

1st August 2022​​

Nerang Community Centre

18th May 2020​​


15th December 2020​​

Amber Ford (Show the Way)

20th September 2021​​


13th July 2020​​

Support the Girls

19th May 2020​​

Kareem Baba (MSN)

2nd April 2023​​

Brothers in Need

3rd June 2020​​


​20th July 2020​​


Dr. Mustafa Ally (OAM)

​27th November 2020​​

Farzana Pasha

​20th September 2021​​

Lela Macdowell 

​20th September 2021​​

Arini Widyowati (KICA)

2nd April 2023​​

Mark Woodhouse 

​20th April 2020​​

Care Kits for Kids

7th January 2023​​

Peter Ford (Show the Way)

2nd April 2023​​

Lewis Lee OAM

 21st July 2023​​

Human Appeal (Queensland)

28th April 2020​​