Coordinating & Promoting Social Cohesion 


  Name: Hussain Baba JP (Qual)

  Position: Founder & CEO

  Education: Masters of Leadership (Deakin University) 

                      Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security(Charles Sturt University)

                      Bachelor in Criminology & Criminal Justice (Griffith University)

Since 2011, Hussain Baba has been proactive in volunteering in humanitarian, Community & Social services. Hussain founded MULTICULTURAL SOCIAL NETWORK INCORPORATED  (“MSN”) which is an incorporated association to “Coordinate & Promote Social Cohesion” on the Gold Coast Community.

Since January 2018, Hussain Baba together with his sons Kareem, Jameel, Zain and dedicated MSN volunteers have been engaged in providing meals for Homeless and Needy members on the Gold Coast Community which is called "Cultural Meals for the Homeless & the Needy" project. Moreover, we also assisted the 2020 NSW Bushfire Victims, 2022 Brisbane Flood victims, Covid-19 Lockdown, Blankets Distribution.  All the cultural meals are 100% self funded by Hussain and the MSN Volunteers themselves. MSN do not depend on any Government grants nor public donations. Hussain is an outstanding organiser and an excellent motivator in attracting volunteers to participate in his projects. 

Hussain Baba is a recipient of many prestigious awards including being the winner of  "2022 Queensland Excellence Volunteering Management Award" which  was presented by The Queensland Governor Her Excellency The Honourable Dr.Jeanette Young on 30th March 2022. 

  Hussain Baba is also the host of the following shows: "Baba's Kitchen", "Baba's Talk Show",  "Baba's Podcast" and "Baba's Review" on

  Facebook: hbaba500 or Hussain Baba


​ ​​Since its inception, Multicultural Social Network has made an impact  by supporting  nd adapting efficiently to different scenarios and to the needs of the communities. Some of the support actions organised by Multicultural Social Network are:-

2020 NSW Bushfire 
 In January 2020,
Multicultural Social Network organised a fundraising event in Gold Coast and delivered essential products directly to the victims of the Bushfire in Mogo (NSW) & Cobargo (NSW) who were seriously effected by effected and heavily devastated by the Bushfire.

Covid 19 Lockdown & International Students
Starting from March 2020,
Multicultural Social Network  assisted more than 200 international students for about half  a year who were stranded in Gold Coast due to the Covid-19. During the lockdown, all the international students lost their jobs as they were engaged in hospitality industry. There weren't any Government financial support for these international students, so they had to depend on private organisations to help them with their meals, daily necessities and other personal products.  Multicultural Social Network provided weekly food hampers consisting of bread, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, eggs, noodles, rice etc  and also supplied weekly warm meals. Moreover, Multicultural Social Network arranged distribution of personal hygiene products, toiletries, sanitary items etc

Cultural Meals for the Homeless Project

Multicultural Social Network also organised a campaign to provide 'Cultural Meals to the Homeless'  in Labrador. The delicious warm meals are prepared by members of the culturally diverse community and distributed by Show The Way to about 150 Homeless members 

Cultural Meals for the Needy Project

Multicultural Social Network also have organised a campaign to provide 'Cultural Meals to about 60 Needy members' in Southport. The delicious warm meals are prepared by members of the culturally diverse community.


Queensland Flood 2022

In March 2022, large areas of Lismore ware badly affected by floods. Immediately Multicultural Social Network jointly with 'Show The Way' organised an campaign to send emergency products and daily necessities to the flood victims in Lismore and parts of Brisbane.  


Recognition of our Services to the Community

Multicultural Social Network has won many prestigious awards for volunteering servuces and also  received

'Appreciation Awards' from Federal & State Ministers, Foreign embassies, NGOs etc, in recognition of our services to the Community . 

Multicultural Social Network 'Appreciation Awards'

Multicultural Social Network presented 'Appreciation Awards' to individuals and organisations in recognition of their support for the Gold

Coast Community.